Scholarships and grants are made to support a student’s education. This “gift money” does not need to be repaid. IUL scholarships are from within as well as from outside civic private organizations and foundations based on student academic interests, financial hardships, outstanding academic record or parents’/self-employment.

Scholarship Application Deadlines

  • July 15th for Fall Entry
  • December 15th for Spring entry

A. The “IUL” Grant

Amount: 100% program tuition covered

Funded by: International University of Leadership,formerly known in the USA as American University of Leadership Inc

Quantity: 1/year

Programs: Bachelor and Master of Business Administration

Description: This grant is designed to assist exceptionally needy students

Documentation: ID, official Financial Statements of applicant or parents if dependent, Current business records if any, Income statements from employer or unemployment letter, other documents can be provided as deemed necessary to proof financial hardship.

Conditions:Eligible students must be continuously enrolled, students who withdraw will no longer be eligible for the Grant.

B. The “Education” Scholarship

Amount: 40% pardonof program tuition

Funded by:AULM in Africa

Quantity: 2/year

Programs: Bachelor, Master and Doctorate of Business Administration

Description: The Education Scholarship is designed to assist working adults seeking higher education by providing additional financial support from partners, private organization or foundations and is available for students from developing countries.

Documentation: Student must be at least 19 years of age, show proof of employment insufficient to cover the full tuition.

Conditions:The student must be enrolled full time in the online campus.

C.  The “President” Scholarship

Amount: 20% pardon of program tuition

Funded by:IUL President

Quantity: 3/year

Programs: Bachelor, Master and Doctorate of Business Administration

Description: This Scholarship is open to new students, it is based on a combination of Financial hardship, Merit, and Economical issues of country of residence if applicable.

Documentation:Official Transcripts, Resume, Proof of social/community involvement, Financial documentation.

Conditions: Student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and be continuously enrolled; withdrawing from school or not starting classes in the first semester will result in ineligibility.


Many students find it helpful to discuss their personal situation with one of our officers to plan ahead and arrange funding for their education through one or more applicable scholarships.

Process is as follow:

1- Go to the university website and download the scholarship application available in the website or through the link: /scholarship-application-form-2018.pdf

2- Fill out truthfully your application and attach proof of eligibility and any other documentation that can help your case.

You may type in your responses on the form and print it, or you may simply print the form and write in your answers. Remember, you must sign, date and mail the form to the address provided.

3- In addition to the scholarship specific documentation, the following below records should accompany your form as applicable, if student is dependent then parents’ documentation applies:

  • Driver’s license or passport
  • Proof of residency
  • W-2 forms (US citizens and residents) and other yearly records of money earned
  • Records of child support (if applicable)
  • Study or other needbased work programs
  • Records of student grant, scholarship and financial aids
  • Current business records if any
  • Current official bank statements (last 3 months)

4- Administration reviews student scholarship package and responds within 2 weeks to applicants.

5- If approved, students will be informed through email and must agree by signing on the scholarship approval letter within 5 business days, failure to return your approval automatically transfers the offer to the next applicant in the waiting list.


Scholarship recipients who withdraw from the university forfeit any undisbursed Scholarship funds earned prior to their withdrawal. However, if they reenter (and otherwise qualify) they will begin earning funds after completing their first term back at the university.