Reda Faiz, IUL Student

Published on:09/06/2018

It is an honour to be part of IUL community. As a fresh graduate, IUL provided me with both personal and professional tools in an enjoyable way. Classes were interesting and Fun which is a rare thing to find. Through this journey, I was inspired to become a better person thanks to the faculty, staff, and administration they were very helpful, they made a positive impact on my personality in a way that I felt special, and I have to give back and return the favor to the society.

I am very grateful to find my life purpose thanks to my studies at IUL.

Manal Lakhbich, Bachelor of Business Administration Alumni

Published on: 02/28/2018

“It is a pleasure to write a testimonial for my university AUL, who helped me overcome many obstacles and paved the way for my achievements.

I would like to start by thanking the administration, faculty and staff working at the university. After earning the BBA degree my life in the USA has improved lot. My experience has been both enjoyable and rewarding. I learned a lot and experienced more which I am sure I will carrwith me for years to come. The E-learning program gave me much needed freedom, I was able to work, spend time with friends and family while studying.

I really appreciated the encouragements and support along the way, I am so proud to be part of American University of Leadership”.



Eslam Mohamed Azab, Assistant IT Manager at Americana Group

Published on: 07/05/2017

“Before I decided to start my MBA journey, I was only focusing on technical education especially after my engineering BS’c, so after a deep vision over the growing and rapid globalization of markets, I found that management and business would be my real passion. The time I joined IUL, I was already having an interesting position in an international company, but I was facing many gaps in the management and in understanding business’ issues. My MBA was indispensable to fully complement my experience and compete in the developing markets. The competencies and rich interactions with the classmates and professors beside the availability of the administrative staff are my most noted excellencies. I urge you to grab your future and invest in your career!”.
KOITA Aminata Ibrahima, Marketing Assistant EDM-SA (Énergie Du Mali SA)

Published on: 05/18/2017

Hello everyone, I am a 2014 IUL Alumni. I have gained so much rewards from my unique experience at IUL, it has drastically and positively impacted my life.
With its cultural diversity, IUL has equipped me with the best tools for an effective and efficient personal and professional career. With competences acquired in the Business Field, I was able to make unforgettable endeavors.
The basic objective of enrolling in a graduate university is to study and receive a degree upon successful completion, but IUL showed me beyond that how each individual can impact his or her society and the world as well.
With world class skills in various fields, I feel ready and able to face challenges of different nature.
My education has played a very crucial role to the person I have become today both in personal and professional arenas, I conclude with a Moto “IUL one day, IUL forever!” “.


Published on:03/05/2018

“I had a wonderful experience throughout the years studying my BBA at the International Univesity of Leadership, it gave me the possibility to be more and more independent as well as gain a lot of leadership skills, it gave me the opportunity to get to know new people from many cultures and nationalities, I enjoyed my courses theorically but practically as well, IUL prepares students for real life opportunities by applying uptodate case studies and life examples.  Once I finished my BBA I decided to continue my MBA gain deeper Business and Management skills. The MBA program has challenged my thinking and improved in me the ability to turn ideas into reality.

IUL is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, without it I was never going to be the person I am now, so I am really grateful for that.”

Faycal Guennouni, General Manager “Transworld Protection

“The MBA program at IUL became both the foundation and a big stepping stone in my personal and professional development.

Looking back I agree with those who say that the school alone is not a guarantee of success or fulfillment. However, I strongly believe that International University of Leadership,formerly known in the USA as American University of Leadership teaches its students a truly global perspective, a significant part of which comes from students themselves. I personally define a good school not in terms of teaching but rather in ways it stimulates the hunger for new learning. It’s up to each student to make as much use of the information, resources and wisdom available to him. I know I emerged a better person upon graduation.

I will always carry a bit IUL with me”.

MBA program Alumni

Nizar Metougui, Sales Operations Manager ,Western Europe Region “DELL COMPUTERS”

“Today’s work environment moves at such a fast pace. Change occurs daily and new issues must be resolved immediately.

Enrolling in IUL’s MBA program was a very valuable investment for me. It helped me grow professionally and personally. I was encouraged and given the necessary tools and skills to explore options outside my comfort zone. I became more confident as a person and as a professional. I have learned to face challenges head-on with creative approaches and turn the challenges into opportunities”.

MBA program Alumni.

Malik Meziani, Services and Materials Coordinator “HALLIBURTON Consulting & Project Management”

“The MBA program I followed helped me to grow amazingly over the last year, and there are still to come in my job experience – I am sure of it / believe me. The provided knowledge, tons of readings, relevant assignments and well planned tight schedule enriched our experience and organization skills. The results were not only on me but on my entourage as well, when I was relating to them what we were studying, what was our paper projects questions and research.

If you want real improvements in your business experience – where you will acquire Economical, Management, Communication, Planning & Leadership, skills quicker – enroll with International University of Leadership,formerly known in the USA as American University of Leadership. I can’t thank enough our professors for their support and guidance, one of the best learning experience I had”.

MBA, Project Management Alumni

Hiba Mhamdi, Intern “MBC Group”

“Studying at IUL has been an amazing experience, it helped me open up my horizons, and the learning was made easy by the many experienced professors, their guidance and their American teaching methodologies.
IUL has not only been my school it has been my family”.

BBA program Alumni.

Amina Abdullah Wali, IUL Student

“My whole life I’ve always seen myself to be more of an introvert but all that changed when I came to IUL. Studying management here has not only helped me acquire great skills that would surely be helpful in the nearest future when I enter the job market but it has also helped me become more independent and outspoken in every aspect of my life. I wasn’t sure about going to IUL but now I wouldn’t have it any other way. Having lecturers who are not only brilliant but also highly experienced has truly made this the best learning experience I’ve ever had”.

BBA Actual Student


Carlos Francisco Asumu, IUL Student

Published on:09/05/2018

I am Carlos Francisco Asumu, from Equatorial Guinea (Malabo) and I am here to say that I had a wonderful experience studying my Bachelors in Business at the International University of Leadership.

Students and professors are from different backgrounds, culture and religions, it is a great melting pot!

My classmates, faculty and staff helped me stick to my goal and achieve my objectives. They really helped me grow as an individual as well as taught me the meaning of team work and group support. Something that I am proud to say is helping me as a starting professional.



Published on:03/05/2018

When I reflect on my two years in International University of Leadership, I conclude that the experience not only made me a better person, but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career. International University of Leadership has truly developed me into a well-rounded person. The professors here are exemplary in their teaching styles. I think that the MBA program has challenged my thinking about management and leadership and, through this, improved my ability to turn ideas into reality. In addition, it allowed me to develop a network of useful contacts, enhanced my confidence and helped me develop my decision making.The most rewarding part of my MBA was learning in an international environment that enabled sharing real life experiences across cultures. Coming from different continents, we now have the opportunity to conduct and expand our business relationships and functions across the globe without cultural barriers.

IUL creates and grooms leaders. I started with the intention of getting my MBA and heading to the job market. Now, I’ve enrolled in the Doctorate program at IUL and started pursuing bigger dreams”.

Ronald Lewis, DBA Student

Published on: 06/08/2017

“International University of Leadership,formerly known in the USA as American University of Leadership has been awesome to me. I was denied acceptance to three different schools I applied to. I then heard about International University of Leadership,formerly known in the USA as American University of Leadership which I was very excited about being they had a DBA that focused on Entrepreneurship. After applying and being interviewed I was accepted and started right away. My counsellors have been great, I can reach them anytime I have a question or concern, and they really care about my success as a student. My Professors push me to be the best I can be and cut me no slack because they believe in me and want to see me reach my full potential. Because they took a chance on accepting me, I plan to make the Presidents list and Deans list as a way to show my appreciation for believing that I belong on the Doctorate level. I currently have a 3.67 and plan to use the knowledge I learn from IUL to become a 7 figure entrepreneur. I recommend International University of Leadership,formerly known in the USA as American University of Leadership to anyone looking for a great school to call home. My 9th grade GPA was a 1.3, now I’m a DBA student. From the 1.3 to the PhD, they call me the Comeback Kid, Ron Lewis Jr”.

Jihane Belghazi, PIIMT Casablanca Campus Director

Published on: 02/04/2015

With my newly acquired MBA, I feel that I have achieved my long term goal of gaining sufficient knowledge and skills to innovate while acquiring leadership tools.

The program has reinforced my business foundation, improved my research and writing skills while allowing me the freedom to work and have a personal life.

The eLearning format attracted me the most, while the faculty and administration support of my goals and objectives motivated me to not give up and continue until achievement.

It was a wonderful experience, challenging yes but very rewarding”.

Jihane Roudias, Monitoring & Evaluation Analyst “UNDP”

Published on:12/16/2017

“I have started my DBA in management one year ago at the International University of Leadership,formerly known in the USA as American University of Leadership.
The DBA was an opportunity for me to enhance my skills in management and to enrich my academic education. Furthermore, since it is a hybrid program combining the rigor of a traditional doctoral program with intense online classes’ studies, it enabled me to implement my acquired knowledge to my daily functions in the organization and allowed a full immersion into state of the art academic research content and methods.
The courses are really motivating and the exchanges you have with the professors on the case studies are pointed and keep you on track to achieve the expected results of the classes.
I’ve been also stunned by how much the administration cares for the students. In fact, you have any support you want; I’ve been blown away by how much the school cares”.

DBA Candidate

Salma Achour, Project Manager « Bosh »

Published on :03/02/2018

“Doing my MBA was the best move I could have made. With the Project Management as a major being one of the growing most versatile demand the job market, I was sure new and exciting opportunities will open up for me. My experience at IUL has been so positive, I felt comfortable knowing I’m being taught by faculty who have real world experiences and are actually working in the business. I will always treasure the memories I shared with my classmates and professors. International University of Leadership,formerly known in the USA as American University of Leadership is the greatest school I have ever been in”.

MBA, Project Management Alumni.

Ismail Mellah, E-Commerce & Websites Content Manager “PMG Play Mode Group SARL”

“Throughout life all great men are challenged, and only through conquering adversity may they achieve excellence.I have lived in the United States of America for seven years pursuing my dream to achieve higher education degrees. At first, English was a challenge to overcome in order to pursue my dream through which I have had acquired four levels in an intensive program. Then, I enrolled in a bachelor’s degree and I have achieved a degree in Business Administration.Seven years later, I came back home to Algiers only to sense a powerful feeling within me that wanted to fulfill more degrees and create a change in my country. That is when IMAA/IUL has opened its doors to enrich my knowledge and help me pursue my vision. At the moment when IMAA/IUL has given me the opportunity to acquire an MBA, I have felt a motivation and energy on investing my time to achieve excellence. Thus far, my experience with IMAA/IUL is a dream come true not only an opportunity; of acquiring an MBA with an American educational system, has been presented to me but also I have the greatest advantage to study in my country close to my family.Last but not least, I would like to present my sincere gratitude to the IMAA/IUL members and I look forward to achieving not only an MBA but also a PHD in the next years. I have a vision and that vision would be realized with IMAA/IUL “A better tomorrow, a better Algeria””

MBA Programm Alumni

Aissam El Idrissi, Sales Officer “Canova Ameublement et Décoration”

“Throughout the years, I became aware of the importance to have a good career and thanks to the business and leadership skills I acquired at IUL, this goal was easily attained.

In class or within the school in general, we (the students) always felt at home, my classmates and I consider the university administration team our second family, thanks to their sense of solidarity and team work.

I am very grateful to the professors who kept pushing us to become better each day, to become leaders!

I am very happy that I got the chance to be part of the studentsat IUL”.

BBA and MBA Alumni.

Mussad Umar Wali, IUL Student

“Firstly I would like to start by saying IUL is not just a university to me but it is also a family to the entire students, staff and faculty.

The ideologies, the lectures, case studies and assignments help me understand the whole concept of management, thus setting a strategy to achieve my goals. The program has also taught me to work harder and exercise discipline wherever I find myself. The useful information I have gathered is inestimable, and the educational program I have undertaken here has definitely improved my learning and development.

To sum it up, my experience at IUL has been vigorous and I have no doubt that it will be the key to my success in my life and all future endeavors”.

BBA Actual Student