Students studying online will need a ) A reliable computer running preferably Windows 7 (or higher) or Mac OS X 10 (or higher) and speakers. b) Sufficient Internet connection and a compatible browser.

University elibrary

As busy working professionals, our students and faculty members know how difficult it can be to travel to a distant library and match their schedules to library building hours. To accommodate student and faculty needs, International University of Leadership offers its library services online. This online distribution of information is well suited to the needs of today’s “knowledge workers” and offers a functional version of the types of information systems our students and faculty will be expected to use throughout their careers.

The elibrary with its collection of databases is available to all students and faculty, at any time and from virtually any location where an Internet connection is available through a safe and secure password protected login.

The electronic libraries provide students with the required level resources. Master level students have access to a more indepth elibrary with enough resources exceeding the requirements of the baccalaureate level, pushing them to go further in their research and encouraging them to develop their intellectual quota. IUL has partnered with the Library and Information Resources Network, which meets all the above descriptions.