The IUL Alumni Association, or IULAA, is the official body comprising all of the alumni of International University of Leadership worldwide.
According to the Constitution of the IUL Alumni Association, any person who graduated from IUL is a member of the Alumni Association. Besides, any person who has made substantial contributions to the welfare of IUL, its alumni or the IULAA may be awarded an honorary membership to Delta Mu Delta honorary Society after approval by the board of the association.


To connect and reconnect IUL graduates through powerful experiences and meaningful communication in order to provide multi-faceted support for the community.


IULAA holds class reunions, dinners and business forums.

IULAA assists alumni in fulfilling their responsibility to enhance the growth and development of active and current students and prospects.

IULAA LinkedIn approved membership allows networking and opens opportunities of internships and employment.

IULAA is a strong and vital Association that provides the framework to facilitate the recruitment of alumni talent and resources, to support the achievement of University objectives, to represent alumni interests and concerns, and to recognize alumni contributions to the University community and the world.