Mini MBA Program: 

Our Mini-MBA program includes important Business Acumen Topics such as…

–  Sustainable Development

–  Accounting for Decision Making and Control

–  Business Law and Ethics

–  Strategic Human Resources Management

–  Leadership and Organizational Behavior

–  Risk and Quality Management

–  Marketing Research

–  Project Management


Program Details

This program builds a foundation for making educated business decisions. It is a dynamic program designed to provide you with a working knowledge of business and management practices.

Our Mini MBA is a certificate program and contains non-credit-bearing courses. There are also no degree requirements for the program. The course consists of eight (8) separate topics that when completed, qualify you to receive a certificate of completion. It is ideal for those looking for an opportunity to enhance their business skills with a variety of management-related lessons.

Course Materials: Included

Online Access: Included

Evening Meal / Refreshments: Included


Download the Mini-MBA program description here

IUL and MUFL Mini-MBA Partnership


As of February 2016, Internatinal University of Leadership is proud to partner with Moscow University of Finance and Law to offer students the Mini-MBA Certification.

The Moscow University of Finance and Law is a leading accredited private university located in Moscow, Russia.  Founded in 1991, the university specializes in providing high quality education in law, IT and business related fields of study.  Currently, the university boasts 17 campuses located across the Russian Federation, which offer 38 majors at the Bachelor’s level, and a further 12 at the Masters and PhD levels, to over 40,000 full-time and part-time students.


1.     MFUA law programs have consistently been ranked amongst the top 10 in Russia, since 1998.

2.     Over 80% of graduates are employed full-time within 3 months of graduation.

3.     In 2015, the MFUA Business School was ranked the 8th best business school in Russia, and earned second place in the category of “Personal and Professional Growth”.

4.     The MFUA business school was recognized by Elite personnel’s HR Manager Club in 2014, and was awarded a special prize for the quality of MBA alumni.



Main website: http://www.mfua.ru

MFUA Business School website: http://www.mbamfua.ru

Tel: +7-499-281-67-14 

Email:  inter@mfua.ru

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